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Governor Otti Flags Off Nunya-Eluama Road, Setting Standards On Rural Roads Development- Miracle Chukwunenye

In the bid to fulling the mandate towards restructuring for a new Abia, another huge milestone is set to be achieved in Abia by Gov. Otti’s administration as Gov. Otti is set to flag off the 11.5 kilometres Nunya -Eluama road in Isiukwuato,This significant road which has its passage through adjoining communities such as Umuebere, Umunnekwu, Amiyi Obinohia and Amaba is another blend in the record of rural areas that Gov. Otti has given rehabilitation attention in recent times.

Since the emergence of Gov. Otti as Governor of Abia State he has brought inclusiveness to the rural road regions even while very busy with work in the Aba main cities and Umuahia, suffice me to say that the highest road kilometer flagged off by this Government was done in the rural area which is the Umuahia-Uzuakoli-Abiriba-Ohafia road of about 67.64km splitted into 3 sections for the sole aim of On- time completion, followed by the Arochukwu-Ndiokereke-Ozuabam road which is about 30km and now the 11.5 km Nunya-Eluama road set to be flagged off today, including other rural roads that work is being done in even without being flagged off, using the construction of Ugwu nkpa road for a case study.

Gov. Otti is in the business of making deliberate efforts to refurbish economically significant roads in both rural and urban areas, he’s commited to eliminating obstacles that causes rural to urban migration and other components factors that might hinder businesses from thriving in the rural areas, extending road construction to rural areas which is a key factor in linking agricultural areas with cities, creating access for farmers and to transport their produce which aims to increase agricultural production, broaden economic opportunities and generate employment, playing a huge significant role in reducing rural to urban migration.

During Gov. Otti’s inauguration he pledged to alleviate the people from suffering and untold hardship after over 24 years of neglect, by prioritizing road construction, rehabilitation, and maintenance in all areas not excluding the rural areas, Gov. Otti has not reversed even a step from his promises as we can all see the raising of dust by working equipments in all regions in Abia.

Let me state ambiguously that Gov. Otti also promised that there will always be careful selection of skilled contractors and reputable construction companies with track records and to ensure value for taxpayers money, and over time Gov. Otti has been in the business of giving contracts to notable companies that has records of lasting projects accrued to their name and the Nunya-Eluama road wasn’t left out in the list of roads awarded to skilled contractors.

Those who schooled in Absu between 2019-2014 can attest that this strategic road after construction in the past by a mushroom construction company collapsed two significant times just in 8years, due to the shabby work done on the road, After being warded two different times by two different administration , the Nunya-Eluama road remained a death trap and was left in total mess and decayic manner.

A crescendo of expectations has risen in the minds of Abians and residents or indigenes of isiukwuato as the midas touch of Gov. Otti’s road revolution is set to ambush the road, few moments from now the transformational and Gigantic strides of Gov. Otti will be celebrated in the Nunya-Eluama and the whole of Isiukwuato region.All is now set for the flag off as Isiukwuato people are overjoyed,Like a cheshire cat, Abians are smiling… as we move to flag off the road few moments from now, Join us!

Miracle Chukwunenye writes from Aba



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