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Okwu Olokoro Community, Unsafe for Criminals And Their Sponsors – Eze Boniface

The Okwu Olokoro Autonomous Community has expressed excitement at the calmness they enjoy presently having suffered series of robbery attacks by notorious criminals and cultists whose activities have dragged the name of the community into a mud.

The Okwu Autonomous Community in Olokoro while speaking through their traditional ruler, His Royal Majesty, Eze Boniface Ifeanyichukwu Izuogu, says the Community has felt a sigh of relief since the notorious armed robber and cultist, Promise Ikechukwu Ogbonna, also known as BoBo, Bob Gee who is currently in Police Custody awaiting trial in the Court was arrested and detained.

Bob Gee was described as a nuisance to the Community, following his involvement in too many crimes which made Okwu Olokoro a horrible place to live nor visit.

The traditional ruler while speaking with journalists in his Palace stated that the Community will no longer shield any criminal elements such as Bob Gee because they have were also victims to many criminal activities which he has perpetrated previously against them.

He added that his emergence as the Chairman of Olokoro Traditional Rulers Council ended criminal activities and cultism as the Community was a no go area where people were killed with little or no help from Police in the past, he revealed how Human beings were slaughtered like Animals and how they were robbed of their monies constantly by the said Bob Gee and his gangs, he said.

Eze Izuogu described Promise Ikechukwu Ogbonna ,Bobo ,Bob Gee the notorious Cultists and Armed Robber as someone who believes that he is above the Law base on his numerous criminal escapedes and is optimistic that their might be some powerful high profile individuals sponsoring him to terrorise the community and it’s environs, expecially during Elections.

Speaking further Eze Boniface narrated the setback witnessed by the Community during the administration of former Abia State Commissioner of Police ,Janet Agbeda in prosecuting the said Bob Gee and his accomplices as they held the community to ransom at that time.

He added that every efforts to get rid of lawlessness and sanitize Okwu Olokoro proved abortive with the then Abia State Commissioner of Police Janet Agbeda ignoring the call of Elders of the Okwu Olokoro Community for her intervention when criminal activities were at the peak.

The Royal Majesty said that they were not granted fair hearing by the Commissioner but instead she aligned with the notorious criminal Bob Gee by giving him Police backing.While he noted that his efforts eventually paid off as Okwu Olokoro now is very peaceful and calm, contrary to what it used to be in the past through the introduction of Vigilantee groups to help secure the Community and chase away Cultists, making the Community what it is today.

He called on government to ensure criminals are tortured to confession so as to enable them reveal the identity of their sponsors, saying that anybody who will come as a witness for Bob Gee in the Court over his current criminal trial must be seen as a cohort.

Also speaking the Youth President of Okwu Autonomous Community, Francis Chukwunyere Otunma noted that the Bob Gee activities eventually stopped with the help of Eze Boniface who brought strict measures against Criminals and Cultists as consumption of drugs and crimes have been eradicated through discipline which the Community now enjoys.

The President General Okwu Autonomous Community,Egere Uzodinma David said that the said Bob Gee has been excommunicated for a long time because of crimes in the community.

He said the concern of the Community is to ensure the younger people are protected from being misled to join bad group where they are lured into criminality.

He maintained that nobody will be tolerated for indulging in crime, warning that the community will not harbour criminals as Youths are expected to be meaningfully engaged.



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