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Labour Union Suspends Industrial Action

The Joint National Executive Council, NEC, meeting of the Nigeria Labour Congress, NLC, and Trade Union Congress of Nigeria, TUC, have suspended the ongoing strike over the battering of the NLC President, Joe Ajaero, among other pending issues.

Following their meeting with the National Security Adviser, Nuhu Ribadu, the Nigeria Labour Congress and the Trade Union Congress will hold a joint extraordinary National Executive Council meeting by 7pm today.The National Vice President of the TUC, Tommy Etim, disclosed this in an interview with newsmen in Abuja.

Etim told correspondent that the NSA briefed the leadership of the organised labour on the steps taken so far.He also noted that the union leaders secured the commitment of the NSA. He noted that the union leaders were satisfied with the NSA’s steps so far.We commend the steps taken so far by the NSA.

Again, He made us understand that he didn’t see the issue on the ground as a political fight. He also noted that two people have been arrested in line with the brutalisation of Ajaero. Initially, the government felt the strike would not hold.

They were shocked to see that we went ahead with our threats.We are going to have an extraordinary joint NEC this evening by 7pm and I can tell you there is hope,” he said.Ribadu met with the leadership of the organised labour in his office in Abuja earlier in the day.

The NSA had announced that the individuals responsible for the brutalisation of Ajaero had been arrested.

Recall that The organised labour is protesting against the alleged brutalisation of its National President, Joe Ajaero, and the failure of the government to implement some of the agreements reached on October 2, 2023 effectively.



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