What You Produce For People to Buy Gives You The Money to Live Well as a Person” – Mac. Atasie

What you produce for people to buy gives you the money to live well as a person” – Mac Atasi

A business consultant Sir Mac Atasie was on Saturday shared his perspective on the need for Nigeria to look towards innovation as a vital tool for development in every country.

Sir Atasie who described Innovation as an act of finding new ways of using the new tools available to solve human problems and to provide services and products that people are willing and comfortable to buy.

Sir Mac Atasie exemplified some of the fastest developing countries like Dubai and China who have moved from the poorest to one of the greatest Economy in the world, adding that innovation is the single bullet that will bring success in economic development for an individual, Family, business, organization and the country at large.

Sir Mac while Delivering a seminar on Innovation and Action To Lift Nigeria from Poverty to Abia State Online Media Practitioners in Umuahia, maintained that creativity is vital and key to doing a new thing as it will be failure on the part of an individual who prefers to do the same thing over and over again.

He stated that embracing innovation will help in achieving technological advancement by constantly producing new things for people to buy,as that is the only way to end poverty and lack of finance.

“It is what you produce for people to buy that gives you the money to live well as a person,that gives you the money to pay tax to your government to be able to do great things to make the country operate as a developed nation.”
“If you do not produce what people of today and tomorrow wants and need,they will not pay you the kind of money that you need”.

He however, stressed the need for Nigerians to evolve with the global trend of technology by measuring up to standard in order to add value to the rest of the world.

Sir. Mac Atasie runs a management consultancy with Nexton Business Services Ltd which aimed at assisting people in developing business strategies and creating new technologies that will ehance their businesses.

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