What Chikwendu Kalu Should Know – Arc Joseph Onuigbo

Once again, our attention has been drawn to a useless and meaningless publication purportedly sponsored by Rt. Hon. Chikwendu Kalu, who is using the issue of OLD BENDE and OLD ABA DIVISIONS to gain sympathy of Abia people to enable him elected as Speaker of the 7th House of Assembly in the State next month. It is unfortunately unfortunate that he has been dragging the issue of Old Bende and Old Aba Divisions with lies and falsehood.

Ordinarily, there are things a law maker of his standing should know, especially a Lawmaker at his Status. Abia State like other States is divided into three Senatorial zones; through which positions are distributed. In his widest dream, he never knew he would become Speaker of the House, but he should know that he was a beneficiary of political zoning arrangements as one from Abia Central. One wonders why he should come up with writings against the three Senatorial zones and be insisting on OLD BENDE and OLD ABA DIVISIONS. This issue was the only thing one could understand from the useless article where he talked about impeachment of an Ngwa man bwtw 1999 to 2007, as it was only an Ngwa man that was impeached. Is he even supposed to fault issues of impeachment in a democratic setting ; wheeras it is not only normal but, himself is a beneficiary of impeachment, hence he is a Speaker today.

Prior to now, clarifications have been made on the issue of the Speakership from 1999 to 2007 when Dr. Orji Uzor Kalu of Abia North was the Governor. It was elaboratively explained that the speakership of Abia State House of Assembly was made to be occupied by the legislators from Abia Central. This was because, the Abia North was holding the governoship seat and Abia South, Deputy Governor. Just as it was ststed, the House in its wisdom elected Rt. Hon. Nkem Ike(now of blessed memory) from Ikwuano/Umuahia bloc of Abia Central as its Speaker. The House later impeached him and elected Rt. Hon. Prince C.O Enweremadu, from Ngwa extraction of Abia Central, who was equally impeached by the same House. Then the House later elected . Rt. Hon Stanley Ohajuruka from Ikwuano/ Umuahia extraction of the the same Abia Central, who was lucky to served the dispensation.
It was never an issue of OLD BENDE and OLD ABA DIVISIONS. Also the decisions of who to elect or impeach was never taken by the constituents or electorates but by the House members themselves.

It sounds rediculous to read an unguarded publication ostensibly sponsored by Rt. Hon. Chikwendu Kalu, the incumbent Speaker, where it was said that during the House leadeship tustle between 1999 to 2007 when the Abia Central was holding the Speakership, that “An attempt by the members to shift their leadership to the Ngwa divide of same Abia Central by electing Hon Christopher Enweremadu as speaker was so rejected that the Executive then did the unprintable, unspeakable and unimaginable to make sure that our Umuahia brothers completed their 8 years leadership of the Assembly.” This not only amounts to rediculous but lies and blatant falsehood. All members from Abia Central were allowed to contest and the winners emerged. It was not given to anyone. One may not want to delve into the accusations levied on the then Governor, if he cares, he may due the writer to court.

Imagine this statement in the article “In as much as the Ngwa divide of Abia Central is not happy with the “Bazaar” being organized for their own 8 years of speakership…” This tells you that the Chikwendu Kalu and his team of writers are myopic about Speakership position. Who told them that Speakership is a tenure thing? It is not governoship position. Any time one’s colleagues in the House finds fault and looses confidence in the Speakers, they would fire him. So, it is not tenure thing!

This Speakership drunk man should know that it is not OLD BENDE/OLD ABA thing but Abia Central matter. He should know that his Ikwuano/ Umuahia brethren are not stupid but intelligent too. He should remember also, that the Ikwuano /Umuahia left the Speakership position for them through out this four years of Governor’s first term in office;where three of them from Isialangwa North, Osisioma and to Isialangwa South hold the position. Why should he come up to challenge any other person from the same Abia Central coming up to contest the position now.

Once again, Hon. Chikwendu Kalu should know that the race for Speakership is won by reaching out to members of the House and convincing them on what value his leadership can bring to them and the image of the State House of Assembly as well as the electorates. Enough of this crying wolf!

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