Untreated Boreholes are Conducer of Cancer- Abia MD- Nuelsnews

Untreated Boreholes are Conducer of Cancer- Abia MD- Nuelsnews

The managing Director of Abia State water and Sewage Corporation, Mr.Leo Ogbonna, has emphatically avered that the use of unprocessed borehole water for consumption/ bathing is a conducer to cancer.

Mr Leo observed this during an interactive session with reporters on the activities of the corporation and it’s relevance to Abia Publics, especially residents of Umuahia, Abia and Ohafia metripolises.

The MD maintained that a good number of the Boreholes in the state could be sunk in or near gravesides and others sunk where injurious metals like lead and sulfur are prevalent adding that inability to do water analysis/ pathological testing to detect antigens have created a scary situation where Abians now suffer from cancer

Going further, Mr Leo gave the instance of a dreaded disease called “Ocha éré” in local parlance as being solely caused by drinking/bathing with unprocessed borehole water, explaining that it is a complete fallacy to cast the cause of “If he éré” in fetish terms because lead filled water leads to cancer and health problems like “Ocha éré”.

The MD advised Abians who must run a borehole to house a treatment plant, do water analysis from time to time to know the efficacy of what is being drawn out.

Mr Leo at one of the Water plant

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