Red Chamber: Notorious Gang Terrorizes Idima Abam, Community Cries For Help

The attention of government and security agencies in the state have been called to the unscropulous activities of a gang identified as Red Chambers,who have been giving the Idima Ohaeke Abam community people in Arochukwu Local Government Area of Abia State,nightmare.

This followed the intimidation of villagers by a man known as Sampson Orji who was allegedly said to be supporting the activities of the notorious Red Chambers gang with the assurances that he will gives them safety.

One of the victims, Chukwu Jonah Okoroukwu who was severly manhandled and starbed by the said gang, while in his hospital bed at the Federal Medical Center,Umuahia,spoke to newsmen about his ordeal with the gangs whom he said almost killed him when they invaded his shop and distroyed goods worth millions of naira.

Jonah Okoroukwu,

Okoroukwe, who state that his only crime was not partnering with their activities as it spells doom and mayhem to the entire community and however decides not to support them in their activities.

He said that since he was attacked and admitted into Hospital,the wareabouts of his family has been unknown as he doesn’t know if they are style alive or dead.

Chukwu Jonah again, maintained that anarchy ,lawlessness and intimidation currently experienced in Abam were been masterminded by Mr. Sampson Orji whose anthics he said is well known by the police and the Transition Chairman of Arochukwu Local government.

He therefore called on government and members representing them both at the National and local levels, also the security agencies to rescue the community from Anarchy and Authocratic set up.

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