Prevent Looming War Between the Rich and Poor, Bishop Onuoha Warns

Worried by the level of confusion, the inability of leaders to take responsibility, unemployment, oppression, abandonment of thugs that worked for politicians, and so on, the President Vision Africa International, Bishop Dr. Sunday Ndukwo Onuoha has warned of looming war between the poor and the rich in Nigeria, calling for its aversion.

The Methodist Bishop who was speaking in Umuahia on Sunday, said the poor are revolting, the oppressed fighting back, noting that if the political class fails to address the agitations of the common man, Nigeria will soon turn to a country where there is full scale war.

He revealed that the looming war would be a result of failed and unfulfilled promises made the poor before mounting the saddle, adding that one can easily hear the cries of  individuals as they mobilize their kind.

The Co-Chair Interfaith Dialogue Forum for Peace, stated that the killing of the poor is also an  issue that has further kept people wondering if the lives of those that died in recent times were futile, insisting that the complete silence of those at the helm of affairs has worsened an already bad situation.

Bishop Onuoha queried whether the Government has asked pertinent questions as to the rationale behind Boko Haram insurgency, Cattle Rustling, agitations by Bandits,  among others, reiterating that addressing these questions has become important more than ever.

He wondered how leaders in the country can account for children of the poor kidnapped on regular basis and the continued shutdown of public universities in the country meant for an average Nigerian while children of the wealthy are in private schools studying.

The Peace Award Winner 2013, appealed to Government and leaders at all levels, to address the ill-fate, misgivings, and grievances in the country, positing that Nigeria’s situation is not beyond redemption while urging all to sheath their swords and work towards the peace of the country.

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