My HIV/AIDS Drug Greater Income Spinner Than Oil, Says Researcher – Nuelsnews

A Nigerian researcher, Prof. Maduike Ezeibe, who invented Medicinal Synthetic Aluminum–Magnesium Silicate (MSAMS) for the cure of HIV/AIDS says the medicine can generate more income than oil for Nigeria, when fully harnessed.

Ezeibe, the Dean, College of Veterinary Medicine, Michael Okpara Universty, Umudike (MOUAU) in Abia, said this in his presentation at the university’s 48th inaugural lecture on Wednesday.

In the lecture, entitled “Cure for ‘Incurable Diseases’ (HIV/AIDS), other viral diseases, cancers, antimicrobial-resistant infections”, the don said that the drug had the capacity to become another great revenue spinner for the country.

The professor of Medicine and Clinical Virology said, “If we use it to pontentiate medicines, it is a raw material for all pharmaceutical industries all over the world because it makes medicines work better and at a reduced cost.”

He claimed that the Nigerian HIV/AIDS medicine, now known all over the world, was made of Aluminum-magnesium silicate (AMS).
He said: “AMS has been in use as medicine but we are the first to use it to treat systemic diseases, including HIV/AIDS and cancers.

“AMS-molecules are made up of Nanoparticle that have both positive and negative charged ends.
“So they mop viruses and cancer cells (electrically charged too) by electrostatic attraction between them and opposite charges on the pathogens.”
Nuelsnews reports that his claim of HIV/AIDS cure, which attracted public attention about three years ago, had been a subject of controversy, following its disapproval by the National Centre for Control of AIDS and the Nigeria Centre for Diseases Control.

However, Ezeibe has continued to insist on the efficacy of his drug in the treatment of HIV/AIDS.
He therefore challenged the relevant authorities to a public hearing about the efficacy of his invention.

He said: “I wonder why Nigerians are finding it difficult to believe us. Should I call it inferiority complex?
“Why don’t we know that our own scientists are as good as any other scientists in other parts of the world?
“There are people who find it difficult to believe that we (Nigerians) have found cure for – incurable diseases, but nobody in the world has been able to muster scientific argument(s) against the mechanisms we have put forward for the breakthrough.

“So Nigerians should be proud to know that we are talking sense, nobody anywhere in the world has disproved us,” he said.

Ezeibe, who thanked the management of the university for all its support, said that he required government financial assistance to set up an industry for the mass production of the drug.

He said that he would be contented if the federal government would collaborate with him to mass produce the drug and pay him royalty.
In his remarks, the Vice Chancellor, Prof. Francis Otunta, commended Ezeibe for his scientific and academic contributions.

He said: “The university stood by him because it saw that he was making sense. He has done a great job.
“You can see why MOUAU has become important anywhere you go.Why should we not call this man a Very Distinguished Professor?”

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