Group Advises Ogah To Desist From Insulting Apugo But Concentrate On Clearing His Fraudulent past.

Group Advises Ogah To Desist From Insulting Apugo But Concentrate On Clearing His Fraudulent past.

While we are not here to dignify the hogwash being spewed by Uche Ogah’s minion Demian Igbokwe over the interview granted journalists wherein Prince Apugo exposed the reasons for the loss APC recorded during the 2019 gubernatorial elections in the state, it has become inevitable that we further clarify the public on the character of the man Uche Ogah and his minion Demian Igbokwe who for reasons of decency we will not want to venture into their personal fraudulent activities.

Chief Benjamin Apugo’ is one man in Abia who had stood against bad leadership and have always spoken out and condemned even those in power for not doing what they are entrusted to do. There is no doubt that every member of the All Progressives Congress faced humiliating defeat in the last election where we have everything including the acceptability of the Abia electorates.

Then the question is what denied us the victory if not for Uche Ogah’s fraudulent agreement with the PDP?

As a group we have our members who participated and actively too, in the campaign council of the APC and the story they came back with is not different from what Chief BB Apugo said in the interview, what Dr. Ogah needed to do is come public and apologize to Abians for the fraud, deceit and disappointment he handed to the supporters of the APC and Abians who hoped on party for a change.

  1. Can Dr. Uche Ogah explain to Abians and the APC why he refused to run governorship campaign across the 17 LGA’s, it is on record that the only campaign that Dr. Ogah and the APC embarked on was the presidential campaign, which was fully financed by the presidential campaign committee?
  2. Can Ogah explain to Abians why he refused to print even a poster, place a radio or television jingle or even brand a single vehicle to his name to sensitize Abians on the need to vote for him or the APC?
  3. Can Dr. Uche Sampson Ogah honestly tell Abians why he refused to mount campaign billboards or make his governorship campaign visible though the media?
  4. Can Dr. Ogah honestly explain why he refused to fund the campaign council that he personally setup to prosecute his phantom campaign?
  5. Can you be honest enough to explain to Abia APC what happened to the campaign funds released by the party’s national working committee into your account?
  6. In as much as we are aware that you find it very difficult to speak the truth due to your cunning nature and behaviour can you please be sincere atleast for now and explain why you decided to circumvent all the leaders of the party and block them access to you in order to successfully prosecute the agreement you had with the PDP and Dr. Ikpeazu?
  7. while we are not here to exchange accusations with you, it will also be very pleasing if you can be truthful enough to tell the Abians the outcome of the meeting you held with Dr. Ikpeazu and Erondu Jnr in Immaculate hotel Abuja on the 7th of march 2019?
  8. Dr. Ogah can you swear with whatever you hold sacred that you never at any point informed some people on the need for Dr. Ikpeazu to be allowed to complete his two terms?
  9. Even though we do not want to bring our party members to ridicule it is important we let you know that we are aware of the false claims by you and your minions that the money you were supposed to use to settle the people you hired from across the 17 LGA’s of Abia state was stolen. sir, that was a big lie and it has been established that nobody was robbed on the spot you claimed it happened, tell Abians the truth of what happened, as we are aware that Dr. Ikpeazu failed to deliver on his promise of raising 10m naira for you on the day you declared for your fake governorship mission?
  10. Dr. Ogah if you truly contested the election and Abians voted for you as you clamed, why didn’t you go to court to challenge the victory of the PDP the way the other parties did, why did you file your case at the tribunal when the date given for litigation has already elapsed?
  11. While we wait for you to attempt an answer to these posers it is important we remind you and Abians whom your minions go about deceiving, that for the avoidance of any doubts, it is worthy of note that the party won Abia North with the influence of Dr. Orji kalu and I am sure you are aware that it was because of you that our party lost even the Umunneochi house of assembly seat that we are already occupying before you joined the party?

  12. Enough of your deception, Abians and the APC can no longer be deceived by you, deploying your minions to insult Prince BB Apugo cannot clear your fraudulent past we are wiser now and we are waiting.

Ikechukwu Omekara
Concerned Abians For Change Initiative

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