Entanglement From Afar And The Burden of Improper Appraisal of High Chief Ikechi Emenike – Bishop Ugoo Nwosu



By Bishop Ugoo Nwosu

No wrestling contest is worth the name when the contestants are too far apart for bodily entanglements. In the same way, it is only the person who is physically close to you that can authoritatively perceive the stench oozing out of your bucal cavity. It is also a greater truth that no head can be shaved of its hair in the absence of the owner of the head(apologies to M.K.O Abiola).

One of the most maligned politicians across the Niger is perhaps High chief Ikechi Emenike, the Abia state APC gubernatorial flag bearer but curiously 90% of his bashers are yet to have personal contact with him to properly position them for such bashing assignment. As a man of God, I have established this truism for myself and swore silently to find out the truth. I just waited for the auspicious time to unravel the truth or confirm these bashers’ opinions.

I didn’t have to wait for long as an auspicious time came sooner than I had anticipated. A close political acquaintance of mine visited and asked me to accompany him keep appointment with High chief Ikechi Emenike. I accepted and we set off moments after entertaining him.

We arrived at the country home of high chief and met him in high spirit. We were visibly at home as the hospitality was almost suffocating. After the introduction, their conversation began. I elected to be an observer as I listened to and observed very deeply the man that many not close as I am to him now love to lampoon. My power of assessment rarely fails me and my inner spirits often come to my rescue in periods of uncertainty.

High Chief Ikechi Emenike spoke calmly and passionately about Abia and how to redeem it. He boldly spoke about Bende and the need for harmony in the enclave that is the pride of APC in the southeast. Leaders he said must “close ranks and work in synergy to maintain the tempo” in Bende. It was more of an appeal and he was right. I saw ability to make peace in him, a conciliator of sort.

And as I watched, I remembered Professor Victor Ukaogo’s piece on Emenike some weeks back and wondered how apt and objective his description of this man was. Very unassuming, down to earth, humble and clearly articulate. In my mind I kept wondering if this man before me is different from the man some distant fellows prefer to misrepresent. Politics, how did we come this low? A man without baggages to weigh him down unlike many others from the same party. I belong to no political party but I love good governance and whoever can deliver it. I will support such person with my all. Many of our politicians across the state and beyond carry burdensome baggages that weigh them down and weaken their resolve and commitment to serve. Looking at and listening to Emenike gives me hope and joy for a resurgent Abia state.

Without the baggage of corruption or a resident godfather, Emenike might just be the joker for Abia state; a man not given to sycophants, envelopes, damning and frivolous Greek gifts may seem to be the way to go.

Last week, I ran into protesting pensioners in Umuahia, many barely able to lift their legs with fragile hands and shrinkled faces and I shuddered in pain. Imagine Abia state without a baggage carrying leader; who makes no returns to no one or catapults our resources across seven seas. Our narrative must change.

As political tension increases across the land, my advice to Abians will be to get to know candidates standing for elections to be able to do a proper evaluation. Do not allow the views of others influence your choices. What I saw in Emenike is a humbling lesson in humility and capacity. Get to know your politicians. For Ndiabia, consider this a message from my alter. God bless you all

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