Don’t Celebrate Impunity – Okpoko Warns Journalist – Nuelsnews

Don’t Celebrate Impunity – Okpoko Warns Journalist – Nuelsnews

His Grace, the Arch. Bishop of Methodist Church, Umuahia Diocese, Bishop Raphael Okpoko has called on journalist in the country especially in the state not to celebrate impunity as it causes more harm than good towards the development of the nation.

Okpoko made the appeal to newsman at the cathedral personage in Umueze Umuahia while analysing the significance of the birth of Jesus Christ which the Christians are celebrating as Christmas.

Bishop Raphael Okpoko.

He called on Christians to commemorate the birth of Jesus Christ not just during the Yuletide but in their day to day lives, adding that Christmas is a time to show love to people and not otherwise .
The Bishop expressed dissappointment that what happens in Nigeria now is not Christmas or Love but rather hatred and wickedness.

In his words, “Actually we should celebrate Christmas everyday because people are getting born again everyday, people are embracing Jesus Christ everyday in our families, in our relationships, offices, our families, every place you find yourself even in the market place”.

He describes Chrit’s gift to mankind as the gift of salvation which Christ potrays in all ramification.

The Arch Bishop condemned the hike in the commodity prices in the market,saying that it is not Christianity in display.

His Grace and Family

He maintained that the increase in general price of goods and services during Christmas is unchristian and wickedness,while he cited examples of how civilized country slashed the prices of goods.
“When you go to abroad you will see that in different countries prices are lashed even up to 75%”.

The bisbop also frowned at the inability of the South East Governor’s to fix the roads which are in deplorable Conditions.

He further called on them to purge themselves against Nepotism which he said is a form of corruption,stressing that they can come together to reposition the decayed infrastructures within the region.

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