Bishop Ibeabuchi Flags Off 2023 Prayer Convention

Bishop Ibeabuchi Flags Off 2023 Prayer Convention

The Bishop, Diocese of Umuahia Anglican Communion, Rt Rev’d Dr Geoffrey Obijuru Ibeabuchi has flagged off the year 2023 prayer convention in Umuahia.

The theme of the convention “He has prevailed” was drawn from Revelation 5 verse 5. Flagging off the seven day event at the St Stephen’s Cathedral Primary school field Umuahia, Bishop Ibeabuchi told the congregation that it is the time of God’s visitation and divine encounters in their lives and noted that God has been gracious and merciful to the church over the past years.

Bishop Ibeabuchi went down memory lane and recalled the strange acts of God in the midst of His people noting that “In 2020, the theme of the Prayer Convention was” God is Faithful “when Corona Virus ravaged the world, God kept and preserved us all through the period.
He further said that In 2021, the theme was” Help from Above”, God granted the Diocese help from above, Also in 2022, the theme was “If it had not been the Lord”, God protected the Diocese from all the assults of our enemies. “

The Cleric however, stated that in 2023 God will prevail over all our lives challenges “.
Bishop Ibeabuchi cited Apostle John who saw a vision that revealed that no man was worthy to open the seven seal and he began to cry. However an elder came to John and told him not to weep because the Lion of Judah, the root of David has prevailed to open the book and reveal the seven seal to the world, which means that Jesus breaks limitations, hindrances, removes road blocks and obstacles on our ways.

He charged the congregation to remain committed and focus on the teachings they would be exposed to during the convention.

In his sermon, captioned, “Fear not for I am with you” which was taken from Isaiah 41 verse 10–13,
Evangelist Abuchi Nwafor enjoined the congregation not to fear, be discouraged, dismayed or cut off, as fear is one of the most powerful weapons Satan is using to attack Christians.

The Evangelist who expounded the meaning of fear said that, Fear depicts a state of been overwhelmed by the impact of the prevailing circumstance or mountain and suddenly forgets the reality or False evidence appearing real, adding that some prayers and Fasting are birthed with fear.

He said “when you are trapped with fear, it will be difficult for you to obey God and also move forward in life”
“Fear has the power to torment a man spiritually and physically, he said.
” A man can be stagnant in life due to fear. Fear is a robber of testimony. Fear speaks. Fear is contagious and has magnetic capacity. And God does not work with the fearful “he pointed out.

Evangelist Nwafor further listed the Presence of God, joy and peace of God as things that banishes fear. He advised that everyone should guard his spirit and mind through what we hear and who we mingle with and encouraged all to have a good relationship with God, as Him alone can help us to overcome fear.

Also the Resident Electoral Commissioner for Abia State, Prof Ike Uzochukwu who spoke on Voter Apathy explained that” i don’t care attitude, non collection of Permanent Voters card, not voting during the election are apathy. He highlighted the causes of Apathy to include, not having trust on electoral process, lack of transparency in the electoral process, deviation from the due electoral process, inducement from the political party and illiteracy. He advised all adults in the congregation who have not yet collected their PVCs to do so before January 29,2023 in their various local government areas.

Prof Uzochukwu urged the church to use effectively and efficiently their voting power to vote out the unfruitful politicians as eligible votes must count in the forthcoming elections.
He pledged a free, fair, inclusive, credible and transparent election in Abia State.

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