Apugo Recommends Stiff Punishment on Adulterators of Covid-19 Vaccine- Nuelsnews

The Board of Trustees Member and National Caucus of the All Progressive Congress (APC) Prince BB Apugo has recommended a strict punishment on any Adulterator of the Covid-19 Vaccine saying it amounts to death on the recipient.

Prince BB Apugo ready to take his dose of Covid-19 AstraZeneca Vaccine.

The BOT member stated this at his residence when a team of the United Nations with Abia Health Workers came to administer the AstraZeneca Covid-19 Vaccine at his residence yesterday while urging everybody to take the vaccine. According to him “that is the way to be safe and build your immunity against the virus”. He emphasized that the virus is real and people should not be deceived. 

He advised every Nigerian not to be soceptical about taking the vaccine stating that the Vaccine that was brought into the country had a name and which is not sold in the market, “it is from WHO” he said, maintaining that he doesn’t  believe that any reasonable Nigerian will bring something that will kill others rather keeping us alive.

Apugo who is very optimistic that the virus will be defeated soon, believes that the Covid-19 pandemic will be a thing of the past like Malaria, thyhoid and Polio.

He therefore, urged health Authorities to ensure that Adulterators are not allowed to go Scot free, stating emphatically that any body bringing adulterated vaccine should not be spared as the lives of Nigerians will be endangered.

Prince BB Apugo was vaccinated along side his workers, family members including two of his sons, Hon. Martin Ikechukwu Apugo, President of Diamond Football Academy and Hon. Victor Apugo.

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