APC explains Buhari’s loans

APC explains Buhari’s loans

The All Progressives Congress (APC) on Tuesday justified borrowings by the Federal Government, explaining that the loans were invested in the development of critical infrastructure across the country.

The ruling party, in its reaction to Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) governors’ allegation that the huge debt profile could lead to bankruptcy, chided the opposition party for lack of understanding about government’s spending.

APC Caretaker Committee Secretary Senator James Akpanudoedehe said in a statement that the loans were judiciously utilised, instead of ending up in private pockets, reminiscent of when the PDP was in power.

He said the PDP was locked in a crisis of confidence, adding that it has failed to serve as a credible opposition in democracy.

Akpanudoehehe described the PDP’s outcry as a feature of a sinking platform struggling to clutch on any available straw to remain afloat.

He said the main opposition party was rattled by the gale of defections that hit the platform.

Akpanudoehehe said: “The sinking PDP is panicking due to its dwindling fortunes as the All Progressives Congress (APC) registered members hit over 40 million, with PDP members, including governors leaving the party in droves and joining the APC.

“While the PDP continues to clutch on straws as it sinks into political oblivion, the APC-led federal government and states governed by the APC are busy providing critical infrastructure, expanding access to education, providing health facilities and economically empowering citizens.”

Akpanduoehehe accused  PDP governors of indulging in frequent weekend jamborees, where they waste scarce resources at a time some of them are owning workers’ salaries and pensions.

He said the case of Benue and Taraba states stands out.

Akpanudoedehe added: “For a party that failed in its 16-year governance and as an opposition party, if the PDP believes that Nigerians are ready to place the administration of the country in its hand, then the PDP is a victim of its folly.

“At this point, PDP’s rudderless leadership should deal with the crisis of confidence it suffers. Our democracy deserves a credible opposition which the PDP has woefully failed to provide. Other parties must now rise to the ocassion and play the crucial role of opposition.

“Of course, the task of clearing the PDP rot is not a walk in the park considering the level of decay our nation sunk into under the watch of the PDP and the current efforts of PDP leaders to slow down our progress as a nation. However, this government, under the capable hands of President Buhari is focused and courageous enough to lead our country to its deserved place.”

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