Anti-Oppressors, Separatists Attacks, a Threat to Nigeria’s Unity, Bishop Onuoha

Anti-Oppressors, Separatists Attacks, a Threat to Nigeria’s Unity, Bishop Onuoha

The Co-Chair Interfaith Dialogue Forum for Peace and President, Vision Africa International Bishop Dr. Sunday Ndukwo Onuoha, has said that the renewed threats by anti-oppression, separatist groups, clamoring for freedom is a threat to the already tattered fabrics of Nigeria’s unity.

The Methodist Bishop who spoke on Thursday, at a virtual conference titled “51 Years After the Nigerian-Biafra Civil War”, prayed that the uneasy calm being experienced by Nigeria as a nation, should never be that of proverbial calm that precipitates a turbulent storm.

Drawing inference from the scripture, the Methodist Bishop, said as a result of jealousy, Cain rose up against Abel his brother and killed him, adding that his wickedness stemmed from emotional outburst, the consequence of which was felt by many.

He frowned that some political leaders who follow Cain’s steps, have perfected the art of war and devised the most efficient, destructive means of rising up and killing their assumed enemies.

Bishop Onuoha, stated that Nigeria does not need another civil war before equality and justice is served to the marginalized, calling on the political class to re-strategize and re-engineer the will power and the political constituencies that can serve the purpose.

He regretted that limited access to justice has remained a great threat to sustainable peace in Nigeria and the globe at large, insisting that looking at the legal identity on the map of Nigeria, Government at all levels must promote fair, peaceful and inclusive societies for every divide, make social justice accessible to all and create equal opportunities for its citizens, regardless of language, religion or ethnicity.

The Global Peace Award Winner 2013, urged Government at all levels to address the challenges of crime, political violence, human rights abuses, exploitation and repressive rule, maintaining that government owes the citizenry moral, and indeed legal duty to confront the resource allocation issues exacerbating inter-communal divisions and slowing down reconciliation in the country.

Bishop Onuoha who acknowledged that peace is a universal longing, charged regional and national leaders, not just to sheath the swords because that may mean pre-empting the enemy to flash their swords instantly but to beat the sword into plowshares, by converting the anger and prejudice into tolerance and forgiveness.

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