Abia House of Assembly: Hon Chinedum Orji’s Time Is Now

It has been proven beyond all reasonable doubt that everything under the sun haves it’s own due time to manifest. It is very pertinent to know that when ones time is due there is no conspiracy, connivance and unholy gathering that can withstand or truncate such a divinely approved phenomenon not come to reality.

Biblically, speaking God’s appointed time has always encountered serious obstacles and barriers. For instance King David, who was resisted and fought by King Saul, King Hezekiah who will knows that his prayers was answered by God who sent an angel to heal him but the devilish mechanism used Prince of Persia to blockade the angel from healing King Hezekiah, Jesus Christ who is the Savior of Mankind was despised and accused maliciously by the the Jewish Council, the list is endless as everyone are fully aware of.

Without, mincing words the David of our time has also faced with the unpalatable experience of the King David of the old. In the chagrins of many just like David was constantly attacked by Saul so is IKUKU ABIA is being attacked and belittled today. IKUKU ABIA Unarguably is the most despised Politician in Nigeria today. The reasons for such is unsubstantiated and is either here or there. The most painful is that people that enjoyed IKUKU’s magnanimity are now resorted to fighting the finger that feeds them.

Taking an allusion and reference from the Bible, it is very important to that King David, King Hezekiah and Jesus Christ after all the travails and adversities were are victorious. Although that the mudslingers are aware that their evil projections is going to end in futility, they should also put into cognizance those great biblical stories. They should also not put into negligence the meanings of fighting a man with Grace.

Hon Chinedum Orji’s time to become the speaker of the Abia state house of Assembly as ordained and divinely approved by God has reached. Surely they will gather but if such gathering is not of God it will fail. Hon Chinedum Orji with his laudable achievements and unprecedented scorecard remains the man to beat for the Speakership position of the 7th house of Assembly. His astuteness in lawmaking will always make his haters to have a sleepless night.

Interestingly, it is also proven that those that bent to fight the God’s elect always ended up in destruction.

To the other contestants, l want to give out this candid advice. It time for us to rally round the God’s chosen one Hon. Chinedum Orji to move Abia state forward. Let us eschew from erection of walls but let us imbibe the culture of building bridges. Let us put Abia first before our personal interest.

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