Abia 2023:  Nwaka Gives 29 Reason Why He Is Most Qualified to Be PDP Flag Bearer- Steve Oko

Abia 2023:  Nwaka Gives 29 Reason Why He Is Most Qualified to Be PDP Flag Bearer- Steve Oko

A leading governorship aspirant of the ruling Peoples Democratic Party, PDP in Abia State, Senator Emma Nwaka, has adduced 29 reasons he is “the most eminently qualified” to fly the party’s flag in the 2023 governorship poll.

The former PDP Chairman who made the claims in a press statement, urged the party delegates and stakeholders to vote for him at the party’s forthcoming primaries.

Nwaka promise to transform Abia into an enviable state if voted into power, adding that under his watch PDP will be strong again.

Below is a full text of the statement made available to newsmen.

1. “My  dear Abia PDP delegates, particularly those who will vote in the forthcoming governorship primary election, I felicitate with you warmly.

2. The duty you’re about to execute is a most sacred one. I therefore urge each and everyone of you to bear in mind that you are the conscience of the party at this point in time.

3. Let’s recognize that how you exercise your noble franchise will have far-reaching consequences, not just for our party PDP but also for Abia State.

4. If through your votes we present as candidate someone with little, if at all, practical knowledge of the place of a political party and her members in a democracy, the tendency is that he will mess up our dear party and her members.

5. We must avoid a situation where we will become by our own deliberate fault  bystanders as strangers reap the benefits of our hard work over the years.

6. Of all the gladiators angling to fly our guber flag, I consider myself the most eminently qualified  to run the race on your behalf

7. I am a foundation member of our party and I have remained with you both  in good and bad times.

8. When our party was floundering, I was sought for to come and stabilise the party and I took the bull by the horns, achieved stability and led the party to many electoral victories.

9. You all will agree with me that once again our party unfortunately is at the crossroads.

10. Accept my assurances that under my watch as governor, our party shall be strong again.

11. Given the versatility of my background: lawyer, Senator, rich boardroom experience and as an active participant in the executive branch of government, I am endowed with all it takes to provide effective leadership for our state such that it can begin to compare and compete favourably with her peers

12. My strength of character has never been in doubt. I can beat my chest and say that I do not have corrupt tendencies which explains why I have never been and will not be linked with any scandal.

13. I assure you that under my watch as governor, the revenues of the state shall be harnessed and applied wholly  to advance the social and economic well being of our people.

14. I have demonstrated that I am a unifier with legendary affability. This is not the time to have a divisive character as governor.

15. The times we are in calls for a man who can heal and bind our wounds. I am that man.

16. Abia is God’s own State and I assure you that I will run the affairs of government

 with the fear of God Almighty. Cross my heart.

17. I gave a deep and serious thought to the myriad of problems and challenges facing our state before I chose to throw my hat in the ring. So I am in this race of my own volition not as anyone’s stooge.

18. From my antecedents, I have deep knowledge of the onerous responsibilities of a servant leader and assure you that I shall devote my entire time, energy, experience  and far-reaching political  network in high places to the service of our people. So help me God.

19. Our founding fathers in their wisdom in a sacred document agreed that none of the four constituent districts of our State, namely: old Afikpo, old Bende, Isuikwuato District and old Aba Division shall be left out in the allocation of the highest office in the land. As of date, three of the component units have had their turns in running and directing the affairs of the our State  except Isuikwuato District where I come from.

20. ” Obu oke ruo ayi n’aka asi ka ekegharia ya, mbanu” as that will defeat the spirit of “Onye aghala nwanne ya “

21. Often times, it is spuriously argued that zoning breeds mediocrity but I tell you that my candidacy is one of the instances where zoning meets capacity, capability and integrity.

22. Dear Delegates, I urge you to cast your votes for me to ensure that the rotational order instituted by our forebears which has guaranteed peace, amity and brotherhood is not crushed by those who have no qualms to tamper with ancient  boundaries and the long  established natural order of things.

23. Right now, you, dear delegates have become the most sought after brides in our political space. You will be lured with tons of cash, gifts of all sorts and promises. I urge you to shine your eyes.

24. I plead with you to reject the cow and follow the road that will change our story for the good of us all. I am the road.

25. You all know that I am not a moneybag so I don’t have cows and much cash to distribute among you. What I bring to the table is the fear of God, sincerity of purpose  and zero tolerance for corrupt practices.

26. I am not asking you to say no to gifts, after all, it’s a natural way to redistribute wealth.  My appeal to you is to take the gifts and still be guided by your good  conscience.

27. Do not allow yourself to be intimidated or misled by anyone. The only entity to be feared and revered unquestionably is God Almighty, the maker of heaven and earth.

28. Finally, I urge you to secure a bright future for our state, yourself and your children by casting your vote for  me. I am one of you, the one who will pick you out in a crowd, embrace  and call you by your  name.

29. Thank you and God bless .

“Yours sincerely,

Senator Emma Nwaka”.

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