2019 Father’s day Celebration: St Stephens Anglican Cathedral Umuahia

As some churches celebrate Father’s Day in Nigeria, a call has gone to Christian father’s to feed their faith with the word of God and starve their fear.

The vicar of saint Stephen’s Anglican cathedral Umuahia, 10 O’clock parish, Venerable Gerald Nwabuisi made the call while preaching on the theme “taking risk for God’s Kingdom, a sign of Biblical Manhood” drawn from Acts of Apostles chapter 15 verse 25 and 26.

Venerable Nwabuisi described manhood as a state of maturity and one who grows above childish mentality even as he had noted that life is all about taking risks and pointed out that Jesus took risk to save man, as well demonstrated maturity and charged the congregation to emulate Jesus.

The cleric said that it is a sign of immaturity for a man to engage in a fight with his wife and encouraged men to take risks that can save the family for Jesus, not only for their jobs and businesses.

The chairman, Christian men’s fellowship, saint’s Stephens cathedral, Dr Uche Madudionu and the Secretary, Sir Ifeanyi Anane advised Christian father’s not to allow challenges of life make them abandon the work of God.

Dr Uche and Sir Anane while praying God to give them the Grace to be real men, also asked for the strength to do the things of God.

They acknowledged that the tasks are hard, but believed that they can face the risk and urged government at all levels to pay workers as at when due to enable them do the work of God.

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